View? We Seek Yours

One of the most sought after features in a home is the view. It’s a great pleasure to wake up to a certain landscape every day, and what that view might entail! You have the perfect opportunity at Purple Town Villas to experience the same. . . Every day!

A great view of nature recuperates the mind. It restores calmness, the mood is invigorated and performance ability increases tremendously. Most people experience the unbeknownst desire to connect with nature – where you can zone out, relax, feel at peace and reflect on life. Manjeera has put a great deal of effort to re-create that environment where you can contemplate nature and relax without feeling jaded.

Manjeera’s Purple Town project indulges in the ecological paranoma that offers the rarest view almost every day. It is designed to emphasize on global style, thus making it possible to enjoy the impeccably laid out setting in the heart of the city. We have adapted the green living quotient so you and your family are safe from all pollution whilst enjoying the view. Green spaces not only filter pollutants and dust from air but also lowers temperature, provide shade, regulate air quality, reduce energy consumption and recharge ground water supplies. Surrounded by beautiful landscape, this innovative architecture provides the desired outcome to achieve environmental and aesthetic countenance to the place.

Manjeera’s Purple Town Villas, is designed with future growth and present maintenance in mind; bearing in mind the ecological, artistic and technical aspects that help maximize the potential of the outdoor space. Also, anchoring the house to the site and connecting it with the environment, creates a welcoming entrance to the house. Following a ‘design-built’ approach, both style and functionality are kept in mind to provide you with extreme serenity, luxury and an excellent view right from your doorstep.

Before construction, care was taken to conduct surveys and to consider the best way for the villa to be built based on your interests. Comprehensive structural plans were developed to compliment the home's architecture and modern design with the surrounding sights that is well thought out, inspiring and consistent with the contemporary style of the house.

With an ideal picturesque view, the architectural delineation, and unmatched urban design – the site planning is well defined!

Book your space at Manjeera Purple Town to enjoy the view you always dreamt of; do call our representative for further enquiries.

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One of the most sought after feature in a home is the view. It’s a great pleasure to wake up to a certain landscape every day, and what that view might entail!...

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