Space – Fab Luxury

Space is a luxury, especially in India! Due to the increased population, it's very difficult to have your own space. You will always find cramped places, narrow parking spaces for that matter even your own house is confined! There is an increase in demand for space efficient houses. The reason behind this trend is that it is difficult to find a capacious place with ample surrounding space well within the price range.

In today’s scenario,space is scarce. We no longer live in the past where people had commodious houses with a corridor and a beautiful garden. If you want a luxurious and spacious house you might have to move to the outskirts of the city. Everybody wants a house that is big and very airy. At Purple Town, we have solved this issue of living in a beautiful expansive house that fulfills every requirement you ever wanted well within the city limits.

With proper planning and accommodating elements, our villas are designed to make your home more spacious and bigger. With a superb built-up area of 3,400 sft, each villa is dispensed with natural light in the living area, extended spaces, big rooms and an ample kitchen, styled to maximize your living space without compromising on your tastes and preferences. With a beautiful landscape encompassing the house and sufficient parking space, there would be no impediments to your lifestyle and the choices you make.

This gated community of 49 premium villas is spread over a five acre land at Gopanpally, Hyderabad that is close to Gachibowli – the IT hub. To indulge in this kind of space especially in a prime locality is a fab luxury you wouldn’t want to miss.

Finest Address

Nobody desires to come home through traffic, the blast of air horns and the fumes following you throughout the street. It’s not what you think of when you...

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Fabulous Luxury

Spread over a 5 acre land in Gopanpally, Hyderabad, Purple Town villas are luxury villas designed with world class amenities to deliver a living...

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Magnificent View

One of the most sought after feature in a home is the view. It’s a great pleasure to wake up to a certain landscape every day, and what that view might entail!...

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